Gucci Gucci…

When I was growing up flicking through the pages of Vogue, I was always a Prada girl. I dreamed of racks upon racks of Miuccia-tinted playful dresses and frivolously librarian blouses, a sprinkle of satin Mary-Janes and adorned with curlicue glasses. It was Prada that I saved for, Prada that I bought with my early pay-checks and Prada that I awaited with baited breath every season.

And yet for the first time, this week it was Gucci’s new ad campaign that I was frantically Googling. Whilst the Gucci revival in the past season or so, under the transformative wizardry of Alessandro Michele, has been dissected and discussed to the point of boredom, the impact the label has had on the industry of late is impossible to ignore (no matter how hard I may have tried…).

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2016’s lust label – Réalisation Par

Réalisation Par must be the most beautiful cult following since The Virgin Suicides. I’m putting my neck out there and calling it next year’s It label already, because not a single day goes by where I don’t Google them, Insta-stalk their genetically gifted fanbase and check my bank balance to see if I can yet buy out the entire collection (hasn’t happened quite yet but that’s what New Year’s Resolutions are for).

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